Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was getting hungry so I was looking at Thinspo and I found a lot of awesome photos. 
These Pictures are amazing! :) So I decided to share with you all because if it helped me then it will help you  also. I have started cleaning my house and I haven't eaten anything since the last post :)
Stay strong Gals :)
Peace & Love

                                                             New York is calling my name



                                                        I wish I had friends like this...

                                                               90210- One of my Favorite shows :)
                                                                   Bag can I have? :)



                                                      My life will be like this when in skinny :)



                                                     The Hills :) ^
                                                                  one of my favorites :)

                                              only skinny girls look good in an outfit like this

                                                           love this so much


 I love this out fit so incredibly  much!

                another out fit that would only look good one me if i were thin

   :)   Megan fox :)


 Love them both :)

 Nylons I WANT :) (my reward when I reach my goal)

Only skinny girls are really this happy...

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