Sunday, September 18, 2011

Early & Thinspo

Its 8:52am here in Washington. :P I couldn't sleep at all last night. But when I did I had the best dream in the world. I was SKINNY!
I had a thigh gap, hip bones, and everyone liked me! It was so fucking perfect. I wanted to stay asleep forever!
It gives me hope. :)
I want my body to be as tiny and insignificant as I feel on the inside.

I haven't eaten yet. I have been awake for about and hour. :)
But I do need some coffee.
I have a lot of homework today, so that will keep me from binging. :)
Have a lovely day ladies :)
Stay Strong!
here is the thinspo for the day!
Peace & Love
ps. thanks to all my followers. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Inhale Exhale & Thinspo

Wow. Life is to much to handle sometimes. School started about a month ago. Its senior year and I am really behind on credits. I have no friends to talk to. I cant trust anyone. I need to breathe. Inhale... Exhale...
And to top it, my facebook account was hacked. Great, Right?
Girls, I am very glad its this weekend.
If you need or want to talk to me about anything. Just email me. I need to talk too. :/
Well I am doing good on the SGD. :)
Being in school, were most of my thinspo's are, is great. :)
I just like being in school and just looking at the girl across from me comparing our bodies. How I want hers so much.
I blame myself for letting me get so ugly and fat.
I am friends with mostly guys so I hear them talk about girls, How hot she is. How they are going to ask this girl to Homecoming.
Well that makes me not want to eat like all day. So thats good :)
I made a new rule that I wont eat past 7pm :) and I am going to dance everyday. Not only does it burn calories but it makes me happy and I love the way I feel after dancing. :)
Stay Strong Lovelies :)
Here is the Thinspo for the day :)
Talk soon? I hope so! :)
Peace & Love