Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sticking To It & Thinspo

Good afternoon all!
I woke up hungry... So I went down stairs and my Cable box was not working so I decided to watch a movie. Transformers, Why? Megan Fox of course. She is so gorgeous! :) So that was some thinspo. :)
What I eat so far today would be 1 cup of SteamFresh (veggies that fill you up with just 50cals) , 2 oreos :( (140cals) and 1 can of Diet Coke ( 0cals, my hero) :)
I decided to go with my diet for at least a month then switch it up. I do exercise about 30 mins a day. My favorite thing to do is DANCE! I turn on my Pandora and just dance. Its fun and burns calories :) What more could one want. :) I am going to clean my house today and go health food shopping :) I am also going to dance, do my nails, and reorganize my room :)
Stay strong :)

Peace & Love
                                                       Love her
                                            When I'm thin I can act like this :)
                                                  Love her coat, nylons, bag, shoes, everything
                                                              Megan fox :) LOVE HER
                                                                 Mila Kunis :)
                                                           Mischa Barton :)
                                                   I will (someday) look good in these shorts :)
                                                            Megan fox, sexy as always...
                                               Diet Coke Thinspo :) love every about this photo
                                                                  Mila Kunis again ;)
                                                      I want everything she has body and all
                                                             love her outfit :)

                                                   Must have ^
                                                           love the nylons :)
                                                               love the nylons :)
                                    Short thinspo again, who doesnt want to look good in shorts? lol :)
                                                                Mischa Barton stunning :)
                                                                           I have those glasses :)


                                                                     Love :)
                                                           I can only dream...


  1. i'm hungry, but after looking at those pictures...
    i won't eat that's for sure! ^^

  2. Stick to it :)
    Thinspo always helps me! Print some photos and put them in your room, on fridge, or in the bathroom by the mirror.
    Im here if you ever need help :)
    Peace & Love

  3. Hey :) New Follower!!! Good luck with what you are doing!!
    I have some pink cut off jeans hanging on my wardrobe to llok at everyday and eventually fit in!! Works for me :) xxx

  4. Thanks Sarah!
    Im send good luck to you also! :)
    Peace & Love

  5. ugh just the perfect thinspo!
    love this blog, keeps me strong <3

  6. one day it will be me im starting my official diet tomorrow