Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh my & Thinspo

Wow. We haven't talked in so long. I have been really busy and focused on school. I really feel like shit right now though. I have lost some weight though. A lot of people have noticed. But I just don't feel like me lately. I have been eating healthy and not completely starving myself. But there has been a lot of drama in school. I am hanging out with this new crowd. More popular people and now there is just more drama. Like talk and gossip. For example, on of my really good friends, Kevin, I was talking to him on facebook and now his Girl Friend messaged me and was like," Leave my Boy friend alone. He doesn't like your nasty ass." No one has ever called me Nasty like that before. I just feel gross and fat now. I just read it too. God I just want high school to be over. :/ but I hope everyone else is doing good :)
I have been sticking to no eating after 7pm. And it is really helping. Also, Smoking really helps me too. :)
Stay Strong
Lots of love!

ps. I need a diet buddy! so Email me if you are interested :)  


  1. loving the pictures :) and that girl sounds like a complete bitch :/ stay strong, xo.

  2. she just feels insecure because you're hotter, sexier and a better human being than she could ever hope to be.. no really, girls who do stuff like that usually do it cos they feel insecure. Hang in there, high school will be over before you know it, and only your real friends are going to matter after that. I literally only talk to my two best friends from high school, the rest of them, we're facebook friends but we don't give a shit what anyone else is up to