Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short & Thinspo

First, Thank you to all my followers! Every Time I log on I have more followers. THANK YOU for the support!
Wow! I am so fucking sore I worked my ass of the other day. My legs hurt like no tomorrow. I can even sit on the toilet. lol (over share) But no pain no gain! I still work out even though getting down the stairs is a struggle.  lol I am going to feed the Homeless tomorrow :) They need it more than I do. :) I cheated today... :( my mom ordered the Thia Chicken Delite pizza from Papa Murphys :p I had like two slices. :( but was good after that because I havent eaten since :) I feel great. :) well here is some thinspo :)
stay strong gals!
Peace & Love

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