Monday, August 8, 2011

OK & Thinspo

I am doing good. I went to Cannon Beach, OR this weekend. It was great. Good thinspo also :) I hope all is going well for all of you. Im so thankful for all my followers! The SGD is going good for me :) I am really liking this :) But at the moment my stomach is really hurting. Maybe I ate something bad, I dont know. It just comes in wave and I feel like I am going to throw up. I hope it will go away soon.
I am really going to stick to this SGD :) then I am going to try to do the GM diet. :) I really need some motivation though. So please leave a comment or email me. Thank you! :)
Let’s make a pact!!! Let’s all agree NOT to binge on sweets for the next 21 days, since it takes about that long to make/break a habit! Good deal?? We should check in on each other like once a week to see how we’ve been doing! Who’s with me?!?!Here is a lot thinspo
Stay Strong!
Peace & Love
 Willa Holland <3

 Willa Holland
 I want to be able to fit my thigh in my grip
 Willa on Gossip Girl love her and the show
 Willa, Again :)

 Megan Fox

 I want to wear this :) I want to look good in this
 I Want It All
 I can only dream. Good thing most dreams come true :)

 Love that

 LOVE these!!!

 only skinny girls will look good like this
 perfect :)


 I cant wait to wear these :) so fucking cute!

 :) <3

 I want that tattoo :) only when I am skinny will I get a tattoo, My reward :)


 CUTE :)

 I love all these photos, I wish I could comment for everyone of them :) I hope this is good thinspo for all of you gals. Stay Strong. And remember if you think that no one believes in you, I do. and so do you, of course!
Lots of love!


  1. i'm in on the pact :) and glad SGD is going well! <3 xx

  2. Totally support you!! Let's make it together!! ;) XO

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